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Countdown a British daytime tv gameshow

Substances: Cannabis
By: Amelia
E-mail: squeaks_@hotmail.com

As every Irish student knows, college is that place you're supposed to be while you smoke weed and watch daytime tv. Every Irish student is also aware that Countdown is the finest show on tv (perhaps with the exception of Murder She Wrote.)
For those of you who aren't Irish students, Countdown a British daytime tv gameshow where basically the contestants get nine letters in which they have to find the longest word they can while half of a giant clock counts down 30 seconds and the other half remains inexplicably idle.
Now in the ad break of this show they give you, the lucky viewers, a seven letter anagram to solve while the commercials are played.

DOPYOWL was what we got one afternoon, and with an uncharacteristic burst of energy, my mate Ronan grabbed a pen and paper and said 'Right, let's solve this.' My god, I could practically hear the cogs moving in everyones heads as we racked our brains trying desperately to grasp at the dregs of our forgotten vocabulary.

WOODPLY was what we came up with and with the remaining few seconds before the show recommenced we discussed uneasily how we know it's a word but that there was something slightly off about it.

PLYWOOD. It was goddamn PLYWOOD! How could we possibly have agreed that WOODPLY was a word? I think it was at that moment that we realised that none of us would ever become president.

Ah well, it makes a good story.

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