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Determened to get a sack

Substances: Cannabis
By: Flash
E-mail: Bloodydonkeypoo@shooshtime.com

Well hm... lets see.. uh... o ya! This is a pretty long ass story so you should get ready. Well my friend steven and I wanted to get a sack, i forgot how much we got but it was the longest "search for weed" that had ever happened for me.

Ok Steven and I wanted to get a sack but we had NO hookups at all. We were dry and there was like nothing to do so we needed to bust a fatty mish. My mom was home (the only transport we had) and we made this bullshit excuse that we wanted to go to minature golfing. She droped us off and said she'll pick us up in two hours. At the time it was about 2:00 p.m. We said O.K. and she was on the road again.

After the drop off we decited to go to Stevens friends house where he "thought" we could get some nice buds. So we got to this guys house and we were like "whats up" and shit like that. After about a minute we asked him if he got any herb. Of course he said no. We were like "FUCK" and seemed like we fucked everything up at the time. When he said "no problem, i got some hook ups" our attitude turned to normal. He left a message and our hopes of getting a sack today was failing... It was about 3:30 and I was tripping so i called my mom to not pick us up yet and we had this stupid conversation about blah blah blah nag nag nag... She was on her way to pick us up but i had told her NOT to come yet... but she wanted to watch her stupid globe awards or what ever the fuck there called. Well its 4:00 right about now and were still all chilling and wanting to get a sack. When Steven gets an idea to go to "crow village" (no idea what it is just a bunch of mexican gang wars and shit) as soon as we got into the street i smelled the sweet sweet cheeba. Theres this mexican guy walking in front of us and hes smoking. Stevens friend said "whats up george" (mexicans name" and he talks and he gives us a joint... (first time i've smoked a joint and didnt really get a hit) so were on our way and theres all these cars parked on the side walk half way... I was like "wtf?" well anyways were going to the house and we meet these people and i was like this is gonna take forever... Suns down and its like 6:00 and im already fucked over and i wanted to go back but we were determened to get a sack...

We wait at this kids house for bout 30 mins and this fat guy walks out and hes like asking me all these questions like how old am i and arnt you a lil too young to be smoking pot i was like fuck you ass ill fuck you up... lol i wanted to say that... well anyways we were waiting again... and again.. and we finally come apon a dealer. He hooked me up FAT but he didnt have change so i lost 10 bucks. Me and steven watned to go back and call my mom. We were walking on the side walk ( o ya we smoked like 2 bowls but i wasn't stoned b/c i was tripping cuz it was 8:00 p.m....) and this pig rolled up. We reeked of bud and Stevens friend was staring at the po-po witch made me trip even more. After all this i called my mom when i was stoned told her to pick us up and we got some grub b4 she came and thats it... We had some fatty nugs left for the next weekend. It was a long ass mish but it was worth it...

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