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Dinner with my girlfriend

Substances:LSD, Cannabis, hashish, nicotine, caffeine

I'd done LSD before. Mostly in the evening, with a whole 24 hours to spare, with friends I trust.

Triggered by the sudden urge to trip (after watching "12 Monkeys" (terry gilliam), to friends
of mine and me, decided to pop a sunshine each.
Not a bad decision, entirely, but the clock said 12:30 (PM) on a Saturday. I got to notice this, as I later felt obligated to keep my dinner appointment with my girlfriend (whom would kill me if she knew). So. I was feeling the real effect of sunshine acid, and this was when I was dining with my girlfriend.

The spaghetti moved like maggots on amphetamine, the ketchup bubbled like boiling blood, and if I stared to hard into the bowl of "food", whole galaxies would collaps and expand inside the "white atoms"(parmasan). I could of course not tell my girlfriend about anything of this, and started to feel "slightly" weirded out.
After eating up the maggots, blood and countless galaxies, I was soooo looking forward to get the hell out of there, back to my tripping buddies and talk shite all the rest of the day, when my girlfriend decided to "talk about the relationship". (I think my paralyzed face and aphatic facial-gestures may have been the selling point.) After two hours of intense mind-boggling meta-meta-meta-semantical logical-blackholes and about 2000 hallucinations later, I got out.

Walking out of her house, I saw doves, thousands upon thousands fly up in the air - only to be rendered as beautiful clumps of water, two hydrogen atoms and one oxygene struggling for electrons, and the clumps of water started to multiply and multiply and
suddenly it was raining.

And it was the most wonderful thing I have ever experienced in my entire live.

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