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Don`t look in the mirror when your trippin

Substances: Mushrooms
By: Lindsey
E-mail: skittle_dick@hotmail.com

This was my second time using mushies. The first time i ate 3/4 of and eigth. This time i ate a little over an 1/8 of way better ones. Well my brother had suggested to me that if i ever ate mushies I had to go in our hot tub. So when me and my boyfriend ate the eigths we began to laugh histeraclly at Osmosis Jones. Then we decided to go in the hot tub. Well we did. And it wasnt what I had expected. First off it was a very dark night, as i sat in the tub i looked at the sky, and it looked as if it were right on my face. I was totally trippin. Then my boyfirnd suggested that we go under that water. So we did, and I totally dint hold my breath, and i started freaking out. My boyfrinds pupils were huge, and he was freaking me out. We were in the hot tub for like an hour, way to long, we were realy triuppin by then. I felt sooo anxious. Then we went up to take a shower. Well this is when things went really bad. I looked in the mirror of my bathroom. The make up i had on my eyes had smeerd in the hot tub...and well i saw the devil, not me in the reflection. I totally freaked and started scratching and rubbing my face. My boyfriend had to calm me. But from then on in the trip i was totally parnoid, and i kept looking in everything i could to see my reflection, to make sure the devil was gone. it was freaky. The we decided to eat some food after i calmed for a while. I then proceeded to think i could do things i really couldnt do. Such as stick a fork throuh my cheek,which i tried to so. I aslo tried to eat everything in sight and i kept hurting my teeth but i kept on doing it neway. Well my trip was way to intense, i felt as if i had gone to the edge of sanity.....it was freaky...so my suggestion to you is dont look in the mirror when your trippin!!1

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