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Dont use an oxygen tank as a bong

Substances: Cannabis
By: KD
E-mail: elo_cheaky@hotmail.com

After a party a couple of friends came round to my house to have a smoke my brother who need to use an oxygen tank to breath some times was staying there for a couple of days, someone seen the spare oxygen tank and came up with the idea of attatching a joint to it on 1 side then the mask on the other when you turn the tank on you have compressed air sucking in from the joint end, this made us very high but after a few passes the joint was getting very small and someone noticed that there was a flame passing through the pipe up to the tank thought oh fuck and pulled the pipe out just in time, after that we were all acting typicaly stoned not realy realising wot had happened. The next morning it hit us that we nearly died because if the flame had gone into the tank is would have exploded probably killed us and half the street please excuse the spelling ime stoned now!! The moral is dont use an oxygen tank as a bong!!

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