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Substances: Coke, Heroin, Power Peaches
By: BiG T BoNe
E-mail: labattblue666@hotmail.com

ok i live in quebec, canada...possibly one of the worst places for and english guy to live. but the drugs here are great. my story is from last saturday, where i had been awoken up by one of my buddies the next town over, he told me that him and another one of my friend were goin up to our dealers apartment and for me to come up too. so i took the next bus up there, i got there and my dealer had been on peaches(could have diff. alias depending on where you live) for 6 hours and was writing raps down, he looked like beethoven or somethin goin crazy over his music. so i got there, my other two buddies ate theres an hour before me and said they were lovin it, so i bought one, $20, and took half at 4 in the afternoon. right after we started tokin like crazy...hydros in the bathtubs, hash blasts, and really good interior weed. about 20 minutes into i wasnt sure if i was feelin it or not, cause my body felt funny, but my mind was straight, so i asked my dealer what the hell peaches were...i guess its a small portion of coke and a small portion of heroin, the coke keeps you up and the heroin makes your body feel great, i admit those drugs are not the ttrypes of drugs id rather do, but after he explained it to me it started runnin real strong in me, every puff of weed i took boosted my buzz, it felt like i was breathin the hit out through my skinas time went on(very slowly..) more people joined our peach party, my dealers girlfriend and his buddy that shared the apartment with.

Then came the 7 hours of poker where i cant recall doing to much, just sitting on the couch enjoying the vibe. after that we decided to go to the pool hall, once we got there it was like a completely different vibe, i love it, cept i was sucking at pool cause my arms and legs felt like noodles. once we got back to my dealers apartment i started to realize some stuff about the drug. 1. there are parts of the buzz where you can look around and say your sober, but couple minutes later out of nowhere it will come back stronger every time, this happens maybe 6-7 time during the buzz 2.EVERYBODY TALKS BUT NO ONE LISTENS!, very bad combination for conversation, but incredibly funny once you realize it 3. its now monday afternoon and im skippin schoolbecause i havent slept since friday night...this shit last long!
it is also a very addictive drug...everybody who did it for the first time that night are makin plans to do it almost every weekend or every other weekend.

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