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Everything I saw was like in slow motion

Substances: Cannabis
By: Jesse

I've been high before, but this was my first time being stoned. One of my friend's parents were going out of town for the weekend, so we planned to get real fucked up. So me and 5 other friends bought an ½ oz of schawg and packed a Phillie with all of it and we had enough left over for like a joint and a bowl.

We are all smoking outside on a beautiful night. It took us almost a hour and ½ to smoke all of it. We had a little bit of the Phillie left (I was pretty high, but not yet stoned), and then one of my friends, Brad offered another friend, Zack some gummy worms (they weren't gummy worms, but fishing worms). Zack took the worm w/ delight and started to eat it. But as the worm touched Zack's lips, we told him it was a fishing worm. Zack threw the fishing worm down and started to freak out. He thought that we said "it's a worm." All of us are rolling on the floor laughing our ass's off. Then Zack figures out that it was a fishing worm and then he joins us in the laughter. Then we all head inside after this.

I'm starving so I start to cook some Chicken Helper. I go into the kitchen every couple of mins until it is done to check on the food. Then on my way back to the living room, I would scare my friend, Doug, just for the hell of it. So for like the rest of the night, me and Doug are scaring each other.

The food is done and everyone is eating away and then it hits me like a wall. I'm sitting on the couch and I'm like wtf is goin on.
This is how I felt: Everything I saw was like in slow motion. When I would look at one side of the room, the other side would seem to freeze, and then when I look at that side, the other side would freeze. And I also felt like I was dreaming, and couldn't really control myself.
And I tried to tell my friend beside me how I felt, but it took me like 30 mins to tell him all of that.

I slept very good that night, which was the first time I've ever been stoned.

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