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Everything looked way more well defined and coulerfull

Substances: Cannabis
By: Matt

Well this was really the second time I had smoked pot, and the first time wasnt that great. In other words I didnt even get high. Well needless to say this time it was different.

It was the summer going in to grade 9. So I would have been 14 or 15, or sompthing. Anyways, I was hanging out with some older friends that day, there was 4 of us and 5 dub's. It was a hot summer day, and Rich had just bought an 8th. Hey why not smoke a joint.

Rich, the oldest one out of us, lit up the first joint. AS we passed around the joint, I got the fealing that this was going to be another lost cause. joint after joint we puffed, untill there was just the roaches. we threw thoes in the pipe and b4 we knew it, it was gone.

All I could think about is. "Am I going to get high or what?" We began to walk down the trail, and on to the road. AS we walked further and further, I began to feal my eyes getting squinty.
Then it hit me.

everything went into tunnel vission, then just black. When i came to, I was standing about a 5 min walk from where I last was. I remember looking at Rich and saying. "Wholy fuck man, I'm so high." After saying that, i proceeded to gap out. Everything looked way more well defined and coulerfull. I also noticed that everything was almoast 2 demential. I was getting these huge rushes through my body, and voices sounded like they do on an answering machine, even my voice.

Shit, I must have been high for a good 4 houres. After all was said and done, my mom came and picked me up. she had no idea. And to this day I have never been so high b4.

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