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Everything was flashing a light green color

Substances: Cannabis
By: Adam Lewis
E-mail: Adam_lewis182@hotmai.com

(i was only 14 at the time and my dad drives a truck for a liveing and he didnt trust me for shit!! )This one day i was sitting over at my babbysitter's house, the old lady that watched me was around 35, she had polieo whene she was a kid)
and she couldnt hardly walk. I told her i was like so fucking bored and she called her husband in there and told him to take me to the shop, i was like what the hell is the shop. Any way we got out to his so called shop, i had smoked weed befor but i didnt really know what it looked like in the plant form, and this guy had it like everywhere and he was like you want to try something and i was like sure whatever, and the whole time i could smell pot but i didnt know he smoked, he was doing something for like an hour and i was just fucking around whit all his shit. when he got back i though it was a rolled cigaret and he said " he you go big man" i said " thanks man i needed on of these" he just chuckled to himself. so i lit it up and i was like holy shit man this is weed and he was like what the fuck did you think it was. now i was feeling really stupid b/c then i noticed all these plants were budd. i just kep it to myself. and i rember takeing 5 hit of the J and i put it out to save some for l8er b/c this was like the stronget shit i had ever had.

We got back inside and i was like holy shit man everything was flashing a light green color and he was talking to me and all i could make out were buzzing sounds so i though i was going to go spash my face with water to help wake me up a little better and i rember standing up and the next thing iknew it was two days l8er and i was at my house not my babysitters house and my dad was like its about time you woke the hell up and i started freaking out trying to fidgure out how the hell i got home when all i did was get up to go spash water on my face. then my dad said so you feeling better and i was like yeah man i am fine. he started he shit with me asking me where i got it this time and that i would never be able to do anyhting again b/c he was going to call the cops. so out of nowhere i stood up and punched the shit out of him and told him to fuck off its my life and i can do what i want with my fucking life and walked out the door. he called the cops and i ended up going to jail for the weekend and got 1 year of house arrest. so i couldnt go anywhere but school and where ever my dad takes me. and this ends my story b/c i am going to go to bed and i am sick of typeing!

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