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Everything was glowing green

Substances:Mushrooms & Cannabis
By: Snow Pendragon
E-mail: superchick42o@yahoo.com

My boyfriend and I ate an 8th of mushrooms each one day. After a couple of fun-filled hours chasing cows, laughing at each other, and 'trying' to smoke ciggarettes, we went to a friends house where we sat on the floor and smoked bong load after bong load and joint after joint. We sat there on the floor smoking for about 2 hours. When we decided to leave I got up and walked out the door, but I got the most tremendous head rush I had ever had and passed out befor we even made it around the corner. I was only out for a couple of seconds but when I opened my eyes everything was glowing green and I started frying again harder than ever. Things were green for about 15-20 minutes. That was absolutly the most trippy experience I have ever had.

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