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Every thought i had was countered by a different one

Substances:cocaine and heroin
By: Brian
E-mail: bmg27@drexel.edu

I am on my winter break from school and im back at home. I am chillin with my buddy Jim. Now Jim and I have both done coke together, and diesel(heroin in powder form) together. But he had this ridiculus idea - doing them together - a speedball. so we call this person and call that person and get our shit. We decided we would go all out and get a gram of coke and half of a bundle of D (five bags). so we did a line of coke, immediatly followed by a line of D. We knew we had a decent amout of both drugs so we did some pretty fat lines... like gaggers of both. We did 1 line of each every 7 minutes until it they were both finished... we had some coke left over and so we just blew all that was left in a line each... so i am siitin there in his car and we are listening to the music and i dont know what happened to me... every thought i had was countered by a different one and i had arguements with myself in my head. it was sick... sometimes id feel like getting up, but then when i decided i was going to get up i decided that i didnt want to... it was very odd... but the whole time i had this evil grin on my face and jim had the same thing on his, and we looked at eachother and i asked him how much cash he had and he said enough...so we got more and i think total we wee doin speedballs and fucked up for a good 8 hours if not longer... although we each spent about 90$ for those 8 hours. it was definatly an awesome experience and anyone who has done coke and/or D should definatly give speedballs a try... the come down isnt bad at all...

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