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Falling off a cliff

Substances: Cannabis
By: Troy
E-mail: tmitch86@hotmail.com

Me and my friends had just finished hot-boxing his bathroom and we decided to go to the living room and play some ps2. My one friend gets up and says hes going to go get some food. He walks to the front hall to put his shoes on, and about 2 minutes later we could hear him breathin loudly, almost as if he was panicking. After about 30 seconds of this he emerges from the hallway with his back up against the wall with a pale white face. Apparently he was on the ledge of a cliff, and could not get down. Ofcourse we kept trippin him out, and for about 5 mins he was scaling the wall of his hallway looking for a way down, until he realized what he was doing, but hey, we were high, so we didnt care how retarded he was being, thats what its all about!!!

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