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Fear and loathing in las vegas

Substances: acid
By: Brandon Wolski

whoa, what a night i just took this acid liek 2 hours ago and have juss been watchin fear and loathing in las vegas. that movie is pretty trippy, the acid didnt start to kick in for like 2 hours the first hour i thought i got took for my money so me and my friends started smoking these bongs, stil nothing, at this point we were about to go find the kid and kick his ass for sellin us fake shit when it hit me. all of a sudden i was outside with a pink umbrella in one hand and no shoes, in the middle of winter wearing shorts and my sisters coat running around screaming about some freakin people tryin to steal my shit, then next thing i kno im being hit in the face with snowball's and was sleeping infront of my house on the sidewalk, i live in the most high class suburbs houses around my city so all of my neighbor's were freakin out at this point, they called my mom and told her i was outside running around and slipped on some ice, they thought i like cracked my head or something, so from now on i kno not to take acid then smoke like 6 bongs, haha.
thanks guys, enjoy, toke


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