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Felt like it was falling through the bed

Substances: Cannabis
E-mail: MooseyNofxboy@aol.com

Well this is the story me and chris and ben and andy and mike decided to pitch in some money and buy the oz well when we got we went to chris's house and started smoking we sat out there for atleast two hours by the time we were done there was mabey a joint left we finished most of the oz and when we were done we went into the living room of chris's house and everyone was hella blowed and I was starting to feel hott and nausiated after about 15 minutes i was starting twich and shake bad i was sweating and my vision was blurred i went to lay down but i couldent cuz my head was dizzy and felt like it was falling through the bed so i had to get up i was wanting to come down so bad but it wouldent get away i kept saying to my self i dont like this! but i did cuz i was year 2 of smoking bud well on with the story i stumbled to the kitchen and grabbed a box of pop tarts and a jug of orange juice and finished all that off and then we turned on my favorite song Rock Star Land From yellowcard it sounded so good like 3x better than it usaully did but anyways we were all super blowed and i started to come down and i was not feeling good so i just layed there and staired around the room and i was freaking out for some reason but it was finally over so i guess u could say i was a little bit to blowed! shitty story but owell peace out everyone.

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