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Fireworks landed on his foot

Substances: Cannabis
By: Summer Robinson
E-mail: tennsstr@aol.com

Being male, a pothead, and a pyro serve to make an extremely amusing yet also extremely dangerous situation. So naturally all my rasta bros filled this discription.

On the 4th of July three of us got a fat eigth smoked it all and decided to have some visual stimuli. Lighting fireworks (invariably illegal fireworks at that) out of a plastic cup within the close proximity of oneself is indubitably a bad idea, as observed by my dude Kevin. One of these fireworks landed on his foot, and of course, exploded. This made for a very interesting situation, being that this his parents were coming home from vacation in two days. To explain the 3rd degree burns covering Kevin's foot we constructed an elaborate tale of an unfortunate run in with some juvenile delinquents, a story remarkably similar to the truth.

You would think after this fucked up situation, you would learn not to play with fire (especially when in an altered state) One month later to the day, Kevin burnt of a considerable amount of his hair while playing with gargantuan sparklers. So much for common sense!

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