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First time high...

Substances: Cannabis
By: Alex
E-mail: acidxtreme21@hotmail.com

I had smoked like 2-3 times before the first time i got high, but i never really felt anything. The first time i got high it knocked me out crazily. Me and 3 friends went up into the park in our city (san francisco) and found this little hidden area in the trees which was possibly a homeless mans lair.
So we all sat down and started taking pipe hits. I was determined to get high to i kept inhaling and holding it in strong. We sat around for about 10 minutes then left, and i wasnt feeling anything.

I was remotely mad that i couldnt experiance the fun my friends were having. As we were walking down a trail leaving the lair, i noticed my feet began to tingle extremely and it felt like i was walking on pillows.
Then like a brick it hit me. I tried to focus on my friends face but i couldnt... He just kept talking and talking and nothing registered what he was saying. Up ahead my other 2 freinds were talking about graffiti and some other stuff...but i also could not really register what they were saying.

I just kept looking at the ground and tripping off all the green trees around me. We stopped by a pond and i collapsed onto a bench. I felt so tired, my eyes were dry, and i couldnt understand what anyone was saying.
Honestly, i felt scared. We walked out of the park and got on a bus. The only thing i could remember was taking out a marker and tagging the window, only i couldnt control what i was writing. My fingers just flowed and flowed and i wasnt controlling my hand, but it still wrote perfectly and my name came out nice. Other than that, i cannot remember anything on that bus ride.

My friend lately told me i was pale and i stared at the seat in front of me the entire trip. I went home and ate some ramen hoping food would kill the high...so honestly, my first experiance wasnt all that....either was my second...i kept having bad trips and i finally realized the problem...i was hungry.
So now i always try and keep some food when smoking. Food tastes 100X better when high....i almost choked on a whopper the other day because i could not get enough of it...i love weed!

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