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First time to smoke this much

Substances: Cannabis
By: Robert

Me and my buddy Adam had just gotten done playing a tennis tournament and I was all stressed out because my ex-girlfriend had flipped out on me and started hitting me. so after the tourny my friend says that his friend Chris had just bought a bag of weed and we could probably go smoke with him if I wanted to. So we did. Now this wasn't my first time to smoke, but it was my first time to smoke this much. So we went and picked up chris and drove to this bridge to roll a blunt, when this car comes up and it's C.J. a local pot head and all around cool dude. So he rolls our blunt because Chris couldn't and we smoke it and another blunt with about 5 people. Well I was high and it was late. So we all decided to leave. We were driving around and I hadn't a clue where we were, but it was cool cause I was high. I told Adam that he should probably take me home before it gets to late and he says ok. So were heading back to my house when all of the sudden I look out the window and it looks so foriegn to me. I look at my friend and say "hey man, I thought we were going to my house!" and he says we are. But I look out the window again and say "no were not, none of this is familiar." And he looks at me again and says "yeah it does, were only a block from you house man." When I look out this window this time I see my house and we both start laughing our asses off. It was so funny. we still joke about it today.

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