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Freakin' vermont man

Substances: Cannabis
By: Corey

I went to visit my friends cousin's college for a weekend, with his mom and his grandma. It had to be the weirdest trip ever.

We went to burlington vermont, the appitamy of a stoner town. Music playing on the sidewalk, everyone has long hair, hippie clothes and just pipe shops everywhere. Me and my friend first go into a store and look at bongs with his grandma and his mom, and his 2 aunts and cousin. My mouth is watering because I haven't brought any pot because of the plane trip and these bongs are 4 ft. tall.

Next day we visit his cousins house and its perfectly clean and no where to be seen of even him smoking pot. We spent the whole day finding pot and came up unsuccessful. That night we decided to sneak out of the hotel and go to the cousins house, and to our surpise their was a party going on and the cousin wasn't home. We walked in and sat on the couch and asked for an oz. We bought the oz and sat it on the table, it was the wickedest KB i have ever seen. We asked for somthing to smoke out of and they converted his big hutch into a whole pipe collection. The house was a huge maryj-fanatic house. We partyed until 6 in the morning smoking half the oz, and we both ended up passed out in a bar at noon the next day. I was missing 1 shoe and my friend was missing his shirt. That is officially the highest I have ever gotten. I'm going back to Burlington next weekend. Freakin' vermont man.

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