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Friends face looked like a metalic color

Substances: Cannabis
By: Aaron
E-mail: punkassamericankid@hotmail.com


It all started when I met my brothers friend at the vedio store we started to talk then I asked him if he could go to the smoke shop and buy me some papers. So he did then I asked him if he wanted to smoke one with me he accepted so were off. We find this trail and I rolled a pretty fat one so I lit it up, were talken about abunch of shit then acouple mins later when there was about 35% of the J left my head started to feel super fuckin hot. He asked me if I was ok I said yah so we started to finish it all of a sudden I started hearing this really load ringing noise in my head and again my head started to feel hot, then I went into a light daize and thats when some fucked up shit happend.

I couldnt hear anything except the ringing in my head and all of a sudden the grass, trees, weeds, basicly anything that was grass material started to glow fuckin bright like it was radioactive green looking. And anything that wasnt grass material went pitch fucken black all I could see was bright grass and a black sky I couldnt see my brothers friend who was right infront of me. Seemed like every second the grass got brighter and brighter, then as I looked around everything started to fade and next thing I no it everything was 100% black couldnt see shit if it was right under my nose. Then the last minute the strangest part happened my brothers friends face looked like a metalic color and was just bobing up and down laughing. the laughs were echoing in my head then after that everything came back but I was on the ground laying in the weeds my brothers friend is laughing his ass off.

That was the second time I hallucinated from weed. It was cool for the first minute but after that I started feeling sick and wanted it to end. From what my brothers friend told I was trippen for about 5 mins.

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