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Giggle-fest with Amber and Nicole

Substances: Mushrooms and cannabis
By: Joe
E-mail: silentbob@slymotherfucker.com

Well it started with us getting about 30 bux worth of shwag (for those not familiar, that's slang for low to med grade pot) which translated to almost an 8th. My friend Chuck and I went to go pick up Marshall since he was the one with the bud. We met him at Wendy's, along with his friend Chris and these two girls from school, Amber and Nicole, both cheerleaders, both pretty hot. So we roll back to Marshall's and I remember that I still have some shroom caps that my friend Ryan gave me.
Marshall sees the shrooms and freaks, "Holy shit dude, we gotta put them in the bob!"
Of course this sounded like a great idea, so we proceed to grind up the caps and we mix it in with the shwag and roll a nice fat blunt. We then went over to the marina near Ryan's and meet him there. We chilled at the marina, just me, Chuck, Marshall, Chris, and Ryan, and took serious hits from some now very kind bud.
About 10 or 20 minutes later Amber and Nicole showed up. I'm feeling great now and I sit down on the ground next to Nicole, wanting to find something to talk about. See, when I get high I tend to get stuck on something to talk about and I can for for about 5 minutes without shutting up or repeating anything. It's actually pretty cool. But as I was saying, I start talking to Nicole and Amber about nothing in particular. Nicole is either really interested in what I had to say or she was looking at how bloodshot my eyes were... So... They were kind of pissed that we had started without them, so we promised they could get first dibs on the next bob.
After just chilling for a few minutes, we hopped the fence and walked to Nicole's house. I remember they were watching that stupid MTV show dismissed and I kept begging them to change it. So we finally just went up to the balcony and sat kumbaya style, passing another fat bob, this time sans shrooms, unfortunately.
As we all sat around chatting about nothing in particular, a few of the guys went inside to get some water, cottonmouth was kicking in. Amber and Nicole decided to stay outside for a little while longer. We were all pretty goofy and pretty soon we got into a giggle-fest. That's when Nicole snorted. In all my years in school I had never heard a cheerleader, much less a hot one like her, snort when she laughs. It was freaking hilarious.
So I was like, "You just... heheheh... like snorted."
Nicole giggled, "Heh, nuh uh, shutup, heh heh..."
She then starts to lean over and falls right off the bench, boom, and hits the deck! Amber and I nearly died laughing. She scrambled back up like nothing happened, giggling about how we should go back inside.
After we chilled there for a little while longer we cleared out because her parents were going to be home soon. So we left and went to Marshall's. Now Marshall's pad is the perfect bachelor/party house. It's awesome, with a huge living room, deck, pool table, drink cabinet, everything! We get back to his house and roll our third and final bob, this time the wrap was from a cuban cigar. Word of the wise: NEVER, EVER ROLL WITH A CUBAN WRAP! The reason they're so nasty is they aren't meant to be inhaled. Oh lord that shit was the worst. If it wasn't for the pot I would have thrown it out. It burned my throat like crazy. That's a lesson, write it down.
So we toke the third bob of the night, just me, Chuck, Amber, and Nicole. By then we were blazed to high heaven. So we decide to play a nice game of pool. This is where I find out the good way that Nicole's sporting a red thong with blue trim. Oh yes, now that's a sight to see. But anyway... We play some pool and Marshall decides to do some shots with some other girls who showed up soon after the third bob. They aren't stoned, so they wanna get drunk. They do about 3 shots of vodka and Marshall flips backwards out of his chair and blacks out for about 10 minutes. It was funny, but not until after he woke up. So he wakes up and he's ready to do more shots, but the girls already want to leave! So they go ahead and go home, leaving me, Chuck, Ryan, and Marshall to chill. So we all go downstairs, them to do shots and me to watch them. I prefer not to drink since I often end up as the wheelman. They do about 2 shots and then Marshall's dad comes downstairs.
"You motherfuckers were smoking pot in the back yard!" he says.
Now we're thinking, oh shit, how does he know? Marshall's arguing with his dad, asking how does he know it was us and not his sister? His dad doesn't buy it and sends us packing. Later we found out that he found a piece of a bong in the back yard, which really wasn't ours, so he didn't have anything on us anyway. So me, Chuck, and Ryan just rolled back to Nicole's house and fell asleep in the car outside. That was a crazy day, and probably the highest I've gotten in a while.

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