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Going to school early because we would smoke

Substances: Cannabis
By: Chris
E-mail: TwoSmokinBarrels@aol.com

It was going to be one of those standardized testing days at school with an early dissmissle. So I called up my friend Tim up and told him to come to school early because we would smoke up and take the tests high, and Tim was like alright meet me at the 11 stair(A staircase outside the school with 11 stairs) an hour before school. That night I told my mom to take to school an hour early because I had to make test corrections. The next mourning I was waiting at the 11 stair for Tim and the other kids he was going to bring. When Tim showed up he brought 3 other kids with him,we went into the forrest presserve across the street from the school to smoke up. What I didn't know before I smoked up with everyone was that Marc had 2 ounces of some killer shit on him, and we did a shitload. I rolled a fat Jay for everyone and everyone took out there own bowl, one kid had his bubbler with him and I filled it up with my juicebox.

So we got started, sparking up our Jays and hitting up the bowls, when we finally got finished there was 20 minnutes until the bell rang and we were rocked of our asses. In the forrest I started acting like monkey and everyone else had there own thing going. When we finnally got back most of the people were there. Walking down the halls stoned yelling at people and lughing. I went into the wrong class about three times before I found someone in my class and followed them into my testing room. When I walked into the classroom I walked into a desk and lost my ballence, my teacher was like are you ok, and at first I didn't really know what happened but I just said oh...yeah.

I sat down in the class next to someone else I knew and told them I was so stoned, he laghed at me and started to tell other kids I was stoned, prettey soon the whole class knew I was stoned. When the teacher asked if anyone wanted to read the attendance the whole class said Chris will. I got up there and read the attendece prettey bad, when I was reading and I saw the word gas on the paper I started cracking up in front of the whole class. And my teacher was like Chris areualright, after I asked her to repeat it twice I finnally said, oh yeah my mom was driving really fast, and the whole class started to laugh then I sat down and took the tests and got a better average than the whole nation I was in the top 50% wich was prettey good concidering I was stoned. Then after school we met up with some more people and smoked alot more bud In the forest. That was the best school day in my life. I love weed.

The End

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