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Got some tomato sauce and stuck on my nose

Substances: Speed,e's,weed,and alchole

Well this happend not so long ago when me and My friend J.was babysitting..we knew it was gunna be fucked up boring night so we decided to add our little bit of fun.!..My friend organized the E's and the speed .. while i brought some alchole and got some killer HYDROS!!...neways.we took the e's and the speed..and felt nuthing until 45mins later when we were just walking around it kicked in i felt like a totally different person..this wasnt good anough so i started chuffin and having a drink of some bourban..we watched a scary movie called valitine u kno the 1 were he bleeds from the nose when he kills ppl fuk yeh...neways after that had finshed my friend j went to the toliet so im the joker so i went a got some tomato sauce and stuck on my nose..i walked up to my friend like i normaly would she looked up and seen wot i had did and fainted!!!!!!! i was like HOLY SHIT MAAAAAAN GET UP!!!!! a few momment she woke i was like DAMN THAT SHIT IS WACKED!!!!!!!!! then i sang karoke...and passed out IT WAS A GOOD NIGHT I GUESS U HAD TO BE THERE,,..........

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