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Hair was waving by itself

Substances: Mushrooms, Cannabis
By: Big Joe D.
E-mail: diremoon@eml.cc

This experience takes place when I first took shrooms. I originally bought about three-eighths of shrooms plus 5g of weed. The weed was to be smoked regularly while two-eighths of the shrooms was to be tried out by me and my friend Evan. The remaining eighth was for me to try by myself.
I went home and was about to eat them but the smell turned me off so I ground up the eighth and put some of it into a PB sandwich while I mixed the rest into a leftover raspberry smoothie. I didn't feel anything for about 20 minutes so I got out my bubbler and started toking some crypto in the back yard. About ten minutes later, I was looking at the trees and they gradually started looking pixelated, like 3-D trees or something.

I then looked at the grass and noticed little parts of it were standing up shaped into cursive letters that I couldn't read. I was trippin' hard as hell. I smoked some herb for about 5 more minutes before I pack all my shit and went inside.
I listened to some music for awhile, Outkast to be exact. I went to the bathroom for no apparent reason and noticed something moving in my hair. I have short black curly hair so this was a surprise. I looked closer and saw that hair was waving by itself. Think of a fire but the flames being black.
As soon as I noticed this, Outkast's song, "The Whole World" started playing in my head except that:
1) It was sung by elves or dwarfs or something
2) Every word was replaced by "la"
3) It didn't really stop until I was done shroomin' which was about 7 hours later.
That was fine with me. The End

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