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Having absolutely ridiculous, open ended discussions

Substances: Dextomethorphan Hydrobromide
By: Andrew
E-mail: mr_knesh@yahoo.com

Im not sure what the true name of the drug is but there is its scientific. Anyway, the first time I took a dose (240mg)I was 16. My younger brother had actually introduced them to me. I took the "beginners" dose and he took a higher dose.

With Dex comes a whole load of feeling and I will make an attempt to describe them as they would hit.
I was watching a movie, and concentrating fairly hard on it, not paying attention to my body at all, when I started to feel kinda ansy. Like I wanted to do something really bad but couldnt put my finger on it. I hadnt moved a muscle but felt like I needed to go running or something. My brother stood up, wiped his pants off and asked me if I was feeling it yet. I said no, but I was feeling kind of excited. He told me to stand up. I did rather quickly and that instant all of the drug hit me. I groaned with pleasure as I leaned forward and held onto the chair in front of me. It was too much hitting my brain all at once, so I quickly let myself hit the floor. Despite still being excited I was content to sit on the floor at that time and just roll around, but my brother had other things in mind.

We went for a walk. Just down from where I live is a hospital, a big one. The parking lot encompasses an expanse of 4x7 blocks, and in the center of it is something resembling a park. We headed there. The most wonderful thing I could think of to do at that point was to just run around, up and down stairs (up is really fun),try to climb trees, and best of all roll around in the parking lot. After mayber half of an hour this is what my brother decided to do. We sat in the hospital parking lot just rolling around on the ground and talking. The talking was the best part because of the fact that this stuff is a mild hallucinigen, and stimulates your imagination like you wouldn't believe. So him and I were having these absolutely ridiculous, open ended discussions about life, that didn't neccessarily mean anything but instilled a sense of sentimentiality in both of us. We began to respect each other more for realizing we were on common ground and thus build a love for one another (dont get the wrong idea you fruits! Im talking about the love bonding two brothers)
After about two hours we started to come down and decided to walk back home and pass out on the couch.

I have since then experienced this amazing drug with my brother a few more times, opened others up to this chemical as well as having two experiences while on my own which werent quite the most fun, but the most self-learning.

thanks for reading, if you'd like to know more about, either my experiences, or this drug just
e-mail me.

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