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He then handed me 2 little red corciden pills

Substances: Cannabis and coriciden
By: Andy
E-mail: andy1488@msn.com

Me and my friend were doing what we do every day before school i snatched some of my older brothers chronic so we decided to hit the bong in his room we must of smoked 2 grams out of his very nice waterbong we were both very high when we were done we walked outside to his car he was so high he asked me to drive for him and his car is a stick and i cant drive a stick well so i drove to the nearest parking lot and we were gonna skip 1st hour i all the sudden got a very bad headache and i was asking him for any type of medicine to cure it he then handed me 2 little red corciden pills i did not know what they were for so i took about 10 of them after i took them he started cracking up at me and by then it was time to go to school when i got there i was seeing crosseyed and everything looked different i knew the pills took over my high when i got to class we had a substitute and we were watching a movie the screen looked very big but the t.v looked very small it was tripping me out so i took a hall pass i must of been gone for 2 minuites when i got back the movie was over and the teacher asked why i was gone for so long i told him i did not feel good later on that day i encounterd many things ive never seen before it was pretty sweet

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