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He tought he was a poteto

Substances: Mushrooms
By: Nils Langhout
E-mail: angerfist_nils@hotmail.com

Wel I live in Holland and I want to tell you a story that was so funny we still laugh when were smoking joints. Wel a friend of my was home alone so we decided to go over there and get really really high wel first we had some mushrooms ...God dammn thats good shit..
After a while my friend suddenly felt down the floor and he didn't say a word at all. He just lied there with his arms as close as posible against his body. Now it comes... He tought he was a potato and we get him in to bed and we called his parent's that he was sleeping with Johan.

So the next morning everything was normal my friend was out of the trip and we had a wonderfull night but now we call him Mister Potato Head wel sorry for my bad englisch but I'm only 16....

Greet Nils

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