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He was preparing to jump


It was the best time and first time i'd ever been to Huntington Beach. I had 3 joints and spontaneously decided to go on a road trip just to make the high that much more fun. Well i was coming from Long Beach so i prepared for the short trip by taking a few bong loads with an off work security guard. Once dazed i drove to huntington where i came to the pier. Come to find out huntington has a long ass pier. So with a joint in hand i walked to the end where i stopped to toke and find a homeless man. He was preparing to jump. I told the stupid ass to just relax and shit. He then took one look at me and took a hit from his fucked up flask. Paused for a second and then asked for a drag. Being stoned as it was i just gave him his own joint (what can i say, he was gnarly) SO we proceeded to smoke and bullshit as we walked over to some random place on the beach. Which is when the bum(barney) sterted talking shit to another bum. my slow yet positive thinking left us all smoking a fattie. The rest of the nite was spent at the beach where i slept. i don't remember quite much more than that. Except i wanted to wake n' bake so at 9 the next morning i did....life is good.

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