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How I became a Hindu

Substances: Cannabis, LSD
By: Shaytwist

I never really believed in god or his son, or anything like that, until one crazy night around a year ago. At this time I was selling LSD not in fucking wimpy ass tabs (that u can never tell was it has been cut with), but in drop form. I used to buy pure from my dad's connection and mix it with Visine and one other ingredient. Anyway one night my boyfriend took me to a field for a night of romantic star gazing for my birthday. After an hour of glazing, sex and smoking. I remembered that I had just mixed a few vials and had one left that I hadn’t sold, now I normally only put one drop in each eye but as it was my birthday I thought two would be fun and different. My guy dropped and I even then I knew we were in for one crazy ride.

With eye dropping the high hit you like in seconds, and a few seconds I had fallen over (I seem to do that a lot-read my weed question). My boyfriend tried to catch me what seemed to be minutes to late, he or they as I was seeing three Cody’s traced with pink, yellow and purple outlines, it was pitch black outside. I guess he decided to stop moving his hand around in fount of him as suddenly he was beside me. It seemed like I was looking out along the huge empty field for hours just looking at the movements and colors. Then suddenly the sky became very bright I had to shade my eyes, it was beautiful I tried to look but it was two bright. I looked over to ask Cody if he had seen it, but he was half way across the field talking to something I couldn’t see. I turned back at the sky and I dunno if the light had dimmed or my eyes had just got used to the light, but I saw something huge hovering in the sky above me.

The more I looked, the clearer it became. I soon realized it was a blue woman with four long arms and standing in a ring of fire. The fire was beautiful I watched it swirl around and around I was enhanced by it. Then I realized what this godly figure was…. it was Shiva, a Hindu god of preservation, destruction, and birth. I was in awe, then he as now the she had become a he, pointed at me and then at him. It all made sense I realized when I was the circles at had just appeared in one of his blue hands. I realized that reincarnation did exist that I had been along way but still had along way to go. I felt unimportant for a second, but soon realized that I was part of something much more important… Brahma!!! (Hindu name of god/ force that can not be understood by an ignorant human). I longed to know more and I still do, but it seemed once I had realized this amazing concept she/he was gone. I just lay there motionless, not breathing trying to take it all in. Now what happened after this isn’t important, just that from that moment on I have been a Hindu.

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