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How stoned we could get

Substances: Cannabis
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My first (at least I *think* it was my first) time being stoned was with my friend Ann. We toked up big time on some stuff she had stolen from some Homey G' guy that she was baby sitting for.
We lit up and it was like a whole new world. We kept twirling our heads around and testing ourselves to see how stoned we were until finaly we decided to smoke some more to see how stoned we could get. We smoked almost an 1/8 and we went to sit on the steps to calm down.

We had a conversation that seemed like it was in our heads without talking out loud and I looked up. I saw a bout a hundred flashlights bobbing around in the woods and I heard people yelling things in French or something! She thought it was Chinese, but either way we started cracking up and then they were gone.
Turned out someone traveling had to take a leak and have a drink on the edge of my woods near the road and it was his headlights we saw. What a great time!

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