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Hugged every tree in the street

Substances: Cannabis
By: smkoedabud
E-mail: freestyla_chic@hotmail.com

well me n my friends J n S decided to skip school n go back to S's house. We were all sittin round her house smoking bongs when after we'd all had about 6 each our friend B rang us. He was coming to pick us up and take us shopping. We were all really hungry so we made S make something to eat. She went into the kitchen and she making something on the stove but i had no idea what it was. All of a sudden J and me heard her screaming and we both looked at eachother and slowly got up to check out what had happened. When we got into the kitchen S had a brown paper bag on the floor, on fire trying to stan on it to put it out. She was totally missing it though. She picke dit up and threw it in the sink and the flames just went bigger. It was a bad trip. J and me could only laugh, it was sooo funny. That after noon when i was leaving to go home i was sitting on the kerbbeacause i was too tired to walk and i was watching the cars.All of a sudden the cars started jumping off the ground in a wave like motion. At first i was scared but afterwards it was really facinating. The next day at school my friends told me that i was sitting on the kerb watching the cars for 2 hours and then i got up and hugged every tree in the street....i dont remember any of that. Well im still smokking and so are my friends. In fact i just had a joint....hehehehe

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