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I also looked at a toilet while it was flushing

Substances: Cannabis
By: Juan Garcia
E-mail: Speedysgv@aol.com

For the record the first three times I tried to get high didnt work.... I did inhale but I just never got high. Now the first time I REALLY got high was the most rememberable one (for me) of them all. I started smoking on a joint made of cigarette papter (i dont do this no more cus it wastes your weed) and I got three big hits off it. Then I waited and nothing happened, so I angerly walked back inside and upstairs to my room and immediatly went to my bathroom mirror. Everything looked and felt normal and then it hit me.... I opened my eyes and I was not in front of my mirror no more... I was sitting down on a chair ten feet away. I started to freak out and then I pleasently knew I was high. I still to this day dont know how I got to that chair but it was tight as hell and after that I kept on seeing cop cars inside my house which freaked me out and I felt like I was in slow motion..... I also looked at a toilet while it was flushing and I started to go in a trance and I felt like I was spinning too..... And eight years after that I havent stopped smoking.... I was 8 years old then....Keep Smoking

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