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I am now scared for life

Substances: Cannabis
By: Mark Hughes
E-mail: Justcallmeswipe@yahoo.com

Well you know it was one of those regular days where theres nothing to do (this was actualy at night) but anyways, I had nothing to do so i figured i would roll a joint. Well it was night and storming outside and i had finished that joint, and u know how it takes u like 30-1minute to feel it, well i was baked out of my skull and as some of u people have played the game ''resident evil'' well i played that game earlyer on and so all i could remember was the game. Anyways I started to see shit 5 mins after i got stoned. It was a licker/hunter as some people call it, i have a little window by my door and i could c his head and body and eyes and claws every time lightning struck. Then I saw nemisis in the back walking back and forth and he's like 8-9 feet tall. Anyways i was so scared u couldnt even amagine, I am now scared for life and i will never ever forget what i saw.

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