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I became fascinated with the word "Sombrero"

Substances: Cannabis
By: Emu
E-mail: crydiepoosta@hotmail.com

I've smoked the ganja a few times prior to this session, but i didnt inhale right, and it was schwagg. Well this time I got some really good stuff. Me and my friend rolled up a little over a dub in a blunt and smoked it by this secluded creek. Time to blaze.. I take a few puffs and pass it. After about 5 minutes of doing this.. i felt the similar effects a cigar gives you. Then all the sudden, the weed kicked in. Woa! I cant find my feet! I cant cross the creek now because I cant see my god damn feet! All i could think about was "Peanut brittle, rainbow colored shit on the sidewalk, and the unicorns are in a box." I also started talking, without realizing what i was saying. I eventualy crossed, and proceeded to stagger about, meandering through the town.. I went to go push the cross walk button and for some reason I became fascinated with the word "Sombrero." I also told my friend that i could understand portugese. My hands could form an invisible ball that i could toss and catch. Time perception was totally lost, and walking was enjoyable. We must have walked for a good hour before we found our way to burger king (one or two blocks away). I was unable to order myself, so i sent my friend up while i sat at my seat and played with ketchup packets. After downing 3 woppers and part of my friends, we went back to his house.. Scary stuff having to see your friends parents while your high. After an hour, which flew by in seconds according to stoner time, i had to go home. I didnt want to risk crashing my car into some old lady in a wheelchair on the way home, so i had mom come pick me up with the excuse of "burger king sucks, my stomach is killing me". Sure enough it worked. So i got home, put on some good music, and fell asleep. Next morning, i wake up.. still high. First class of the day, accounting. The class is quiet. And what do i yell for some stupid reason? SOMBRERO! and the class fills with laughter.

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