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I could have sworn that i saw bears hiding in the trees

Substances: Cannabis
By: Vero
E-mail: verogee420@aol.com

it was a saturday night and my four friends and i were going to this rave. this rave was supposed to be in these mountains in the middle of no where, so we were all excited. as soon as we entered the freeway, all of pulled out our shit and began volunteering on who would pack the first bowl. we began to blaze and blaze and i began to get paranoid because they guy that was driving was driving really fast, or so i thought he was. the mounatins were like an hour and a half away and we blazed the whole way there. i totally felt my legs twitching and i couldn't stop smiling.
we arrived at the moutains, and needless to say, we got lost. we ended up in this bear campsite shit and i was so paranoid. i could have sworn that i saw bears hiding in the trees, even though they kept on telling me that i was trippin. so after being lost for 2 hours, we decided to head back home. by that time, we were stoned out of our minds. we began to hot box the car on the way back home.
gosh, i dont remember half the shit that happened, but i do remember this. we were on the freeway and out of nowhere, this cop pulls up behind us and turns on his fucken lights and sirens and he begins to pull us over.

I didnt see that coming at all. i completely froze and i didnt want to move. all i was thinking about was,"im going to jail." my heart almost stopped, i swear. i looked over at my friend uriel and we didnt know what to do. when my friend began to pull over, the cop just sped right past us and took off. we all looked at eachother and just burst out laughing. our faces were all pale, it was some funnny shit. one of my friends was passed out the ehole time, so she never noticed the cop behind us or anything. then, one of my friends said,"lets smoke a bowl for the cop." and we did.

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