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I couldn't remember my moms name

Substances: Cannabis

Ok, so it's Friday the 13th and me an 3 friends decide to get high out in my tent in my friends back yard. We had to wait till 12 at night to get it though b/c my friend J's older bro had to go get the shit for us...
Anyway, it's about 12:30 and wondering where his brother is sitting on his driveway...After about 10 minutes of waiting, a car pulls up about 3 houses down, and his brother hops out and walks over to us....We invited him into the tent we had set up in the back. About 2 minutes later he comes back there with the stuff.

Anyway, it's been 3 weeks since we had any for all of us so we are all excited and shit. So smoked a bowl and we thought we heard his dad coming out, so we hid the pipe and the pot under a sleeping bag...when we realize that it was just a racoon we decide to smoke some more....now at this point his older bro decides to go in and go to bed or whatever the fuck felt like doing.
So we're all siting around smoking the pot having a fucking great ass time....but then I realize that my friends are laughing WAY to loud...so I kept trying to shut them up a little in fear of his dad coming out to see what the hell was up...but it didn't work. They just started laughing....at this point I gave up and just starting laughing too thinking that we were going to get cuaght....but I didn't care.

So then about 2 1/2 hours later we're still smoking and having a good time when J starts getting really freaked out about something( so me and my other 2 friedns N and T start trying to get him to chill out.) So N decided it would be a good idea to hit J to get him to chill...but that was a BAD mistake...J gets up and starts jumping around the tent kicking everything as I'm trying to calm him down just KNOWING that we are going to get busted.
I reach my arm out to try and settle him down and he grabs me and scrapes my whole arm up( I have a scar 3 days later.) J then procides to scream about how to call an ambulence and to tell them he couldn't breath and shit( this isn't the first time we've all smoked together so we thought he was messing around with us....but I still wanted him to settle down b/c his dad yelled out and asked what was going on)

So anyway J runs out of the tent and me thinking I was all smart at the time tries to pretend like J was having a really bad dream or something...about 3 minutes later J comes back down chilled out a bit( I geuss he just needed to run around the neighborhood real quick) So then by that time I was out of the tent by the trampoline with my other 2 friends trying to figure out what the hell was wrong with him. J then says to follow him and he runs to the front of his house wit N, T and I following him...when we get to the front he wasn't there so I said fuck it and went to go sleep...
So about 5 minutes later N and T come back telling me how J's inside his house yelling at his dad to call an ambulence so I was just sitting there thinking fuck fuck fuck fuck...so I just tried to sleep it off or something. T kept saying how his parents were arguing in the kitchen when he looked out the window to the tent and I was trying to ignore him...
I'm laying there trying to think about what the hell was going on when a couple of flashlights were being shined on the tent and a man shouted out that they were the police....I'm just sitting there thinking what the hell was going on...he does all the little cop shit and makes us get out...he asked us why our friend was having spasms and why he needed an ambulence and how he knew we had pot....so anyway we finally make it to the station and he takes all our parents names and numbers...but when he got to me I couldn't remember my moms name...I kept calling her John or something....

I was really amuzed by this whole getting arrested thing...I just wanted to start laughin but I knew it was seriouse. About 20 minutes later my mom and dad come in and take me home... Anyway, I'm grounded for a couple of weeks and shit like that... I thought it was an interesting experience....
And even though I told my parents that I'd never ever smoke again... I am thinking of still doing it...just giving it a couple of weeks or months before I start it up again. Well sorry this is a bit long and I proly didn't make much sence...but I'm still really confused about what happend and all...we think the pot was laced with something...So the moral of this story is never smoke wit J ever again( btw, his heart rate was somewhere around 160 or something like that and he coulda died....not fun huh?)

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