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I decide to crash in front of my altar and mediate

Substances: Cannabis
By: Anya

My roomate and I don't see eye to eye about grass ... apparently some friend of hers overdosed on some other narcotic and therefore 'all drugs are bad'.

So one night when she was out I rolled a fat joint and smoked it. I had my incense going, the Doors up loud and candles lit everywhere. So I'm sitting there, feeling fine and I decide to crash in front of my altar and mediate.

Well. I zoned out for hours. Just sitting there listening to LA Woman on loop, over and over and over again. And I'm swaying and smiling and seeing all these new magnificent things on my altar, thinking it was crazy I'd not noticed any of it before.

Then I saw this huge mother of a shadow coming for me, looming right over my body. I screamed and opened my damn eyes ... nothing there. So I sat there thinking, "...shit..." for a few minutes.

Then my roomate walks in.

I scream. She screams. Then I fall over laughing and she doesn't get it. So she leaves me alone and I join her in the loungeroom with my chocolate biscuits awhile later. Lolling in the doorway and she can tell I'm miles away. Apparently she'd been calling me for ages before she came into my room ... I certainly don't remember that!

She wasn't happy. I'm "not allowed to do it unless someone else is home" now. Bugger that.

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