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I did notice that I kept forgetting to breathe

Substances: codeine and marijuana

Afew days ago I ventured out of the walls of my safe-drug(bud). Besides limited abuse of prescription barbituates (sonata, clonozapam, etc), I have very little experience with anything besides bud, mainly kb. I've never had an urge to try anything different, but decided codeine might be interesting.

I had recieved codeine pills afew weeks back after a surgery. Taking them orally didn't really do much for me, I became sleepy and a little numb. I hadn't tried them since the week of my surgery, which was a spent sleeping off the pain, but I wanted to trip, not become mellow. I crushed them up by running a screw back and forth over it. For anyone looking to do the same, I would recomend getting a horses pill crusher(mine was lost, but hey, a screw got the job done).

I'd read that injecting codeine could be dangerous, and I hadn't sniffed anything before, so I sprinkled some on top of my bud, and jumped into the best drug-induced happiness of my life. The hits didn't feel much different, but they burned a bit more. A room of my house has several windows which lead to a lower section of a roof, which is where I was at the time. After satisfying my routine obsession for star gazing when smacked, I climbed back in, and noticed the effects quickly(I'm not sure how much I took).

Climbing in the window should have been simple, but in my mind if was a very serious task. Kinda 007ish. I had some difficulties getting in and popping the screen back on, but after 10 minutes all was well.

After chilling for awhile to let the drug really kick in, I went downstairs to get my dog(my smoking buddy, almost as good as a babysitter). I let him outside, and wanted to look up at the stars again. So I look up, only to find my view is obstructed by a giant peacock. After snapping back to myself I looked at it again, and it was only a tree. I sat down and relaxed again, and it turned into a tree person, but as soon as I made myself focus, it went back to being a tree. I've never done any hallucinogens, but from what people tell me, my hallucination seemed very mild. A lot more realistic then making shapes out of clouds, but not a steady image. I wandered back inside, put What I Got, by Sublime(it was very fitting) on repeat, and sat on my bed. I sat there for almost two hours, just watching inanimate objects. I never lost interest or zoned out. I was filled with a sense of warmth, like when your sitting in a heated blanket. My body was numb, but a pleasent numb, not a painful or irritating one. I did notice that I kept forgetting to breathe. After awhile my chest would feel tight, and I would have a moment of enlightenment. "Hey, I haven't taken a breath for awhile!". it was also entertaining to sit there and notice that I wasnt, untill I began shallow breaths again to relieve the tension.

I laid back and closed my eyes. When my chest felt tight again I thought I was just not breathing again, so I concentrated on deep breaths. The feeling didn't go away. I opened my eyes and found the source. My dog was layin on me, his face inches from mine. Let me explain that he is a shi tzu mutt. An uglier dog you have never seen. He is hideous, and has yet to meet a more frightening face. After afew moments of sheer terror, I laughed. This was so funny, I should do it again! So I did. I closed my eyes, then opened them again, boucning back and forth between fear and amusement. I remember counting how many times I did it, it just felt important that I keep track. 14. I then went online, and typing was a whole new experience. Typing with numb fingers was alot of fun, it felt like when you try using chop sticks to eat...something not ment for chopsticks.

I laid back down and tried watching tv, but couldn't keep up with it, I was now having difficulty focusing. I felt so peaceful. Everything in my life was right. World peace couldn't have been more perfect. I'm not doing this drug justice, the feeling can't really be put into words. After awhile I went to sleep, only to wake up an hour later. I found myself screaming at my sister, telling her to be quiet. I faintly remember getting a strange look from her as she told me she wasn't being loud. After reading some other experiences, I suppose that your hearing can get screwed up.

I laid down and slept for another hour and a half. I woke up, and didn't really feel the codeine anymore. I did feel really high though. After submitting to the munchies I watched tv for afew hours, which was much easier. I fell back asleep as the sun was coming up. When i woke up later that morning I felt hungover. I fed my horses and went back to sleep. That afternoon I didn't feel anymore side effects, besides an intense craving for more. I'm terrified of becoming addicted, my parents would gladly dump me in rehab if they even suspected something, and that can really screw you over for the rest of highschool. I ate(i didnt get really hungry, just minor periodic cases of munchies) and kept myself busy. 48 hours after I had taken it I felt fine. No withdrawal, cravings, or worries that I'd had earlier. I think that if I had taken more when I craved it, then I would have more problems getting off of it. Easier to do alot of climbing out of little holes then out of a big one.

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