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I didn't remember what i did like 5 seconds ago

Substances: Cannabis
By: Derek Barrus
E-mail: Maniacking00@aol.com

Alrigt i'm writing this stoned, i already sent one of these things before when i was sober, so know i remember the first time i actually got high,it was in april, i had only smoked before like3-6 times a year because it was always either fake oro real low midgrades, because i had only felt a little light headed so i didn't really like it, also i always held it in my cheeks, so i said what the hellit was 4:20. and don it with my friends, and all of a sudden, it flet like i just woke up, because i didn't remember what i did like 5 seconds ago, and then everything was turing into like the matrix, things would just slow down, and then thing like just kept repeating, i walked to the kitchen into the living room like 12 times, and then i thought that my body was empty so i started laghin and eating cheese popcorn like a maniac, so then i jumped off my friends porch to prove that nothing hurts me. and thats all i remeber, peace, toke-

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