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I dreamt of the old gods, and the sudering of the world

Substances: Cannabis
By: Danman
E-mail: y00h00tie@yahoo.com

it was a tuesday. i think. i had smoked a few times before, and i had just got back from smoking some more on holiday to catalina island. i wanted to relax and sleep it off but i took some more as a nightcap.

the first toke was harsh. so harsh i couldnt pay attention when i singed my bangs on the second toke. i still smell the burnt hair.

goddamn, i was lit! i ate some dinner (cannibus tea, steak & baked potato)then i fell into a deep lucid sleep.

my dreams that night were very profound. i dreamt of the old gods, and the sudering of the world. the birth of flora, and then fauna. then i dreamt of the evolution of man, and the downfall of civilization. when i woke the next day, all the troubles of the world seemed to be nonexistant. i felt enlightened. the light was clear and the air was fresh. this was the moment. this was, the perfect high.

my hair was still singed though, bummer.

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