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I felt like i was an angel

Substances: Mushrooms

I was sleeping at my friends house and we decided we were bored so thought we would go and buy some mushrooms! It was 8am and we went and got them. we went in her bedroom and took them. she has bunkbeds and i was sitting on the top bunk. i felt like i was an angel so i thought i could fly so i jumped off the bunk bed onto the floor. i then thought her wardropes were angels coming to get me for a fight so i sharted kickin shit out of what i thought was a angel but it was infact her wardrope which she had just bought i ended up putting my foot through it!!! i then felt someone smacking me over the head asking me if i was ok! i found out it was my mate and she made me take them first but she didnt end up taking hers cos she seen what i was like. during this experience i really hurt my wrist and also my back i went to the hospital and told them i fell down the stairs i had an x-ray i had broken my wrist and knacked my vertabrays in my back. during taking them i found it very funny and i felt chilled out so im carrying on doing them. since my first time in trying them i have been run over broke my wrist and my fingers suffered a broken leg and knacked my back in. I just wont learn my lesson!!!!!!!!!

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