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I felt like i was lifting

Hey man! i like to keep the good cause of legalization going, so i join marches if they are happening near me. It's great fun, and its a brilliant and peaceful way to show the authorities that cannabis is GOOOD! (now of course i dont need to go on marches because our message got thru and its decriminalized(sorry im british man!)).
Anyways, i was peacefully marching along, ppl wer passiong round f***ing huuuge joints around, i was toking here and there and evrywhere! so, i started to get high of course.

Usually, my highness reaches a kind of peak and then stays at that peak. But, i reached the peak and my high was getting more and more intense. Check this part out, the sound around me went all quiet and i felt like i was lifting really, really high off the ground. I looked up and i could only vaguely see the street and all the othr marchers.

Jim Morrison came into the centre of the big white haze in my vision, and he was walking backwards like a robot or sumthing, and this image stayed the same size, and jim just kept walking back wards smoothly in, like, a smooth presicion timing of 1second per step. It was freaky but at the same time it was brilliant! Jim was in my vision 4 ages, i dunno how long, but i remeber feeling like i was still walking when the vision faded, and when i could see properly again i found myself on the floor and the marchers were quite far infront of me!

I thought that the MJ mite hav been laced with like, acid or sumthing, but i spoke to sum of the guys that wer there on the march a few days latr and they had smoked the same joints, but said nothing like that had happened to them. This was by no means my 1st time on cannabis, but it was crazy! i havnt smoked it since but i should try it just to c if it like, happens agen. It was soo kool. Anyways, cheers for listening,

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