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I got the idea to give the puppy a blow in his nose

Substances: Cannabis
By: Mark
E-mail: markdevylder@hotmail.com

hy, my name is mark and yesterday i went to a friend's house where i go often to smoke with my friends. I had a dvd with me to watch it because we are like all addicted to computers but we had a agreement to get a social life and to watch a dvd together in one happy, smoking group.so we did. During the movie a other guy walks into the room but the owners his little puppy also. we thought it was ok so we let the dog in and he started to play and we started to talk.about 1:30 hours later we are all pretty messed up and i was playing with the puppy. he always tried to eat my weed so i teesed him with my bag.suddenly i get the idea to give the puppy a blow in his nose so i asked my friend if it's ok and he agrees. a friend held the puppy's head softely between his hands and i have him a little hit. a few minutes later the puppy strats walking around really funny like he's drunk or something and we all started to laugh with the dog. but then something happened in the movie and we all started to pay attention to the movie.like 10 minutes later the dog crawls up the guy's bed and and the puppy lies down so we kept watching the movie.after a couple of minutes i look at the dog and i see him doing his this thing on the bed. i started laughing really hard and the guys ask me what ids wrong. I said: 'Man! your dog is so messed up that he is diong his thing in your bed!'. so everybody looked at the dog that is loking back at us with those innoscent eyes like he's saying:'what did i do wrong?'. all of the guys strated to laugh but the owner was really mad. but after a while he also starts to laugh with the dog but still kicked him out of the room just like his blanket that smelled so bad.:-))))). we talked about it and kept smokig during the movie and really had a fun time.but this was really the funniest thing that happened in that guy's house when i'm around.

greetz from Belgium.

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