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I heard the word cop

Substances: Cannabis
By: Alex Smart
E-mail: AlejandroSmarto@hotmail.com

Ok... Me and my 2 friends just got hooked up with a fat quarter of some home grown regs and were heading to my boys house to get stoned. Since my friend driving bought the weed, he wanted to smoke a joint before we got there. So I bust out my extra large rolling papers, and prepare to roll a king size hog leg. I asked my friend for something to roll on. The only thing around was his bodyboard... and I figured it would be perfect seing how its pure white and I'll be able to see every little bit of shake. So I dump about a quarter of the quarter on the board and begin to roll. The way my friend drives makes joint rolling hard, so I'm concentrating a lot trying not to fuck it up. I had to turn the light on of course. It was dark out at the time, so everything in the car was illuminated as we drove down a two lane highway. We didnt care about other people seeing really...most people smoke weed anyways. There I am, stoned rolling a fatty on a bodyboard up higher than the window, totally visible to outside vechicles...just chillin. I dont know excatly what was said... I was already stoned, but I heard the word cop come out of my friends mouth. Hes a year younger than me and my other friend so I felt it neccesary to educate him on how if I wasnt his boy I would slap the shit out of him for using that word in vain. YOU DONT EVEN SAY THAT WORD UNLESS THERS A COP AROUND.

So he casually responds with no dude theres a cop right there. I look on the dash and see the reflection of blue and white lights, then look back and see them. The cop was like five feet from our bumper, when I hear WHOOP WHOOP I frantically try to turn off the light, pushing it half way making it flicker a few times before I get it right, grab the weed and aim for my mouth, my friend driving starts screaming FUCK WHAT DO WE DO !?!?!? I'm like eat this as I throw him the rest of the bag. I've already consumed about a gram and I'm shoving the rest down my throat. I crumpled the papers and threw them under the foot mat. Suddenly the cop moves into the right lane and passes us with a firetruck following close behind. My friend pulls over just about having heart failure. The whole time my friend in the passenger seat is trying to tell us about the firetruck and how the cop was just trying to get around us. We heard nothing in our state of stoned paranoia. When I finally regained the power to breathe and my heart stoped beating so damn hard, I started to pick the weed out of my teeth. We then got back on the road and fired up the hog leg...we kept the light off.

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