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I just like got sucked into a whole different area

Substances: Cannabis
By: Kasper
E-mail: kkendall@cardigan.com

My first time wuz insane. After smoking weed about 4 times and not getting high i wuz getting a little pissed off so one day in 8th grade me and 4 friends got 4 joints from sumone in skool and it wuz a half day. On half days everyone does to taco bell from skool so n e ways we were in this shed at this kids house. We started smoking all 4 j's at the same time. After wut seemed to be like 20 min i didnt feel n e thing and then it just fuckin hit me. the shed seemed mad dark and really big like a huge warehouse with one perosn in each corner of the shed. everyone wuz talking and my friend Craig wuz sayin somthing and all i noticed wuz his braces on his teeth. so out of no reason wut so ever i just blurted out "Yo Craig ur fuckin braces look like train tracks man, u should hook sum frieght cars on there man"! and then we all were just crackin up. then after wut seemed to be like an hour of laughing we told my other friend Matt to go outside and see if n e one wuz around so he went out and came bck in at sum point and said that sum lady wuz laying on a lawn chair tryin to get a tan wit pants and a sweater on, we all cracked up once again. after we were dry on weed we decided to go to taco bell. i had my bike wit me and i tried to ride it but couldnt so i told Craig to ride the thing and wen he got on i started yelling at him to get the fuck off my bike and i got on and rode it fine! on the way to tco bell i thought i wuz riding on quicksand and it wuz mad hard to pedal. i thought that my crank broke or somthin. wen we got to tco bell i wuz fuckin hungary as hell. there were mad peeps at the place and we all sorta split up and talk to different peeps. i saw my friend casey and im alot taller than her but i dont know if i wuz like crouching or wut but she seemed to be like 10 feet taller than me. then i just like got sucked into a whole different area and i dont remeber wut i did at all since i talked to Casey.

I wuz just standing at the counter and the cashier kept asking me wut i wanted and i looked all around and noticed that there were like 7 peeps behind me and i didnt kno how long i had been standing there for. so i looked at him and said, "food". he just seemed to look at me and then i atomatically said i wanted soda. then another part just snapped to and i had a huge ass sprite soda in my hand and i wuz talking to sum kid named Riley at his table wit sum girl there and i thought she had a wedding dress on but i didnt say n e thing to her. then sum lady at the next table over asked her kid if he wanted some more french fries so i said yes and took sum and went outside. and looked around and wuz like dude wheres my bike to myself.

Then i looked over and saw it laying next to some fence wit sumone next to it. so i started yelling at the guy to stop stealing my bike and ran over to him and wen i got the it wuz sum like 70 year old guy having a cig and he gave sum wierd look and i said that i thought he wuz tryin to steal my bike. so i took my bike and just rode home without saying bye or n e thing to n e one. wen i got home i just crashed in my bed and went to sleep. the next day in skool i talked to alot of peeps who were at taco bell the day before and said that i looked mad pale and that they kept telling me to open my eyes more but i didnt. then the girl Casey i talked to wen i wuz high said that i sat wit her and her friend kelly for like a half hour and they talked to me bout stuff and then i just got up and left and came back wit a huge soda and ordered a bunch of food for all of us like $30 worth and that i ate my food in like 5 minutes and left and didnt come back. that has been one of the funest times ever and my other friend matt said he wuz a little scared but i didnt feel that at all.

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