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I just snuck a pill from my moms prozac

Substances: Prozac
By: Justin

It was so weird i just snuck a pill from my moms prozac container she suffers from a depression. It took several minutes before working then suddenly i felt like i was melt then i was looking up and thne suddenly i felt happier than ever. I went sk8boarding to the sk8park. THis seagull was saying, Rain drops keep fulling on your head that dont mean that your high as ted. Ofcourse there was no ted. But i felt happier than ever i suggest u give this a try this shit was so awesome. It was the happiest ive ever been couldnt keep a smile of my face nothing mattered i forgot all and i felt like i was fucking a chick the whole time or i was having one long erection or anything soothing. It was GREAT

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