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I kept opening and shutting the fridge

Substances: Cannabis
By: Tracy
E-mail: frogtreacle@yahoo.co.uk

I've been stoned many many times with friends and on my own, this time I was on my own. I was sitting in my living room having had a couble of j's and the electric went out, it's pitch black can't see my hand in front of my face. To charge the meter I have to go through the kitchen then hall and then outside to the meter. On my hands and knees cos my legs don't work I proceed to the kithchen, then in my infinate wisdom I decide to open the fridge door to give me light, only the light wouldn't work, I kept opening and shutting the fridge but it still wouldn't work, about an hour later or what felt like an hour I realised why and then spent the next @hour laughing my arse off.

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