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I kicked my mom

Substances: Cannabis
By: David "tweaken mighty mouse"
E-mail: bigbucks769@ao.com

One day aftetr school me and some of my freinds decitted to go over to my freind chris's house and smoke some bud before we went back to all of our houses. well antway i had just scored a fresh new sack of some mexican red hair and i wanted to test it out realy bad so we finally got to my chris's house and we went into his garage toking it out of my faviorite 4 inch glass pyrex 'samson' ( for thoses who dont know who samson is he i shte drug dealer from half baked) when all of a sudden my freind Pat had an idea to take elevation hits. i had no clue what they were. it is where you breath in out out really hard until you start to hyper ventalate yourself then you take a big hit stand up against a wall and have somone push on your chest. i thought you know i could handle it cause ive been smoking for a while . well i was wrong i toked my hit and i stood up and as they pushed on my chest it hit me within two seconds my eyes started to close the room started spinning and i didn't realize what was going on. i finally let out my hit after about 20 seconds (or so they told me)and i felt like i had just drank a fifth of jack smoked 10 bowls and still was getting higher as i walked.

After we were all done smoking we got into the car and stared to go home, or so i thought, like any potsmoker we went to mcedees to get some chow. when we got to the order window i felt lik i was in that anti drug commerical where there odering and they just couldnt stop laghing well that was us. after we ate we decitted to go to the skate park to laugh at them skate so we got there and instead we decitted to play basketball, big mistake, i kept on dribbiling the ball even after i didn't have it but it felt the the greatest thing in the whole world to play. until i decitted to be micheal jordan and try to dunk i repeat TRY as i jumped to score i fell flat on my face but for some reaseon i felt like i was still fling up to score. after my freinds scrapped me off the floor we all got in the car and drove to our seperate ways.

when i got to my house still lokking more chinese than jackie chan i went and played some video games and as i was playing this party game called fusion frensy i though i was in the damn thingand i started kicking and shit just like in the game. as my mom walked in i was still doing this and i though she was part of it to so like a dumb ass that i am i decitted to kick her. she didn't like it to much and she slaped me a few times and asked me if i was on any drugs and with a hong kong smile i nodded and said yes she just shook her head and left after she had left i felt that it was time to kill this high so i took a shower and fell a sleep. the morel of this story is do all the drugs you can becase it oly kills off the years of your lif e where your gonna be old and in a wheel cair so smoke weed all day everday.

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