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I looked high as a kite

Substances: Cannabis
By: Heather
E-mail: cinamonpechez@yahoo.com

I went home one night after smoking 19 blunts! I was sooooooo Baked! I had no clue how i was gonna get away with it because i looked high as a kite! I walked inside and thank god my mom was asleep. I sat down and started to watch the simpsons, so i thought. About ten or twenty minutes later my brother walks in and looks at me. "OMG HEATHER your fucking blasted!!" Then he asked me what the fuck i was doing. I told him i was watching the simpsons,and he was like well the tv IS NOT on. I was like yeah it is! He was like no its not, he had to unplug the tv to prove to me that it wasent on. BUT SURE ENOUGH REEFER STUCK BY MY SIDE, when he unplugged that Tv the damn simpsons kept on playing!


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