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I'm going to kill you

Substances: Cannabis
By: Cycle

One night i was at my friend allens house, me him and his little brother were waiting for this guy to come over cause he had a shit load of weed and we wanted to smoke it.so while we were waiting we stole some of his dads beers so i chuged down 2 and the weed came,(i dont drink that much so i was drunk when i started to smoke).the guy that had the weed loaded the fatest bowl in his bubbler and we each got a couple of hits out of that.then we smoked 4 more bowls out of allens pipe. i was already drunk so i was messed up.after we were done smokeing i chuged another 2 beers so i was fucked up.i stayed there for about 20 more min. then his dad told me to go home so i did.he lives about 4 blocks from my house and the first block was really dark and scary.so i was sk8ing home and i looked back and saw some guy on a horse throwing knifes at,and at the time some scary song was in my head which made me more afraid.i was sk8ing so fast,he was following me home screming, "im going to kill you",and that frecked me out.i saw my house and got of my skateboard and ran to my door,i looked backed and saw nothing.

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