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I`m not stoned im just laughing at the man tht keeps fallin

Substances: Cannabis
By: ThugPrincess
E-mail: xxx_gangsta_chick@hotmail.com

every day at school we do the same thing....at lunch time we go n hotbox this lil shack near to our school. so we went normally liek everyother day, only we had like 5 ounces of bud and alcohol n stuff......so we go there as soon as the beel rings right n we smoked n smoked n smoked! i thiot if i took in 1 more haul id pass out. so i look at my watch n relize theres 1 min till class starts....we all run as fast as our stoned legs can take us fallin down ever meter or so....
so we get into school ...late of course and everones at my locker askin fo perfun n gum to take away the smell.....so i get into class with 3 other pple tht i had been smokin up with....the teacher asked us y we were late n me bein stoned i said we werent late n at the same time we all answer differnt ways....
now there are these lil tattle tales in our class n they jus strt caughing n saying stoned under they breath.....now we weere reading sum stupid book in class and everyday 1 person had to go to the front of the class and read a chapter....the teach asked fo voulenteers n everyone yells MEL! so i had to go n read....i was sooooo baked tht i couldnt even read the words proprely n i had the biggest grin ever on ma face....then i saw a little grren man climbing up the back wall and when he fell i burst into laughter!!! the teacher asked me wut was rong? but i couldnt understand n after sayyin wuuuuuut like 5 times i thot she had said are you stoned? so i said im not stoned im just laughing at the man tht keeps fallin off the wall! infront of everyone.....of course this turned the entire class to burst into histarics...and me to get kiked outta class!
hehehehehehe!!!! WEED RULZ!

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